The Lutheran Church of Vestavia Hills
Saturday, April 20, 2019

Program Overview

Fifth Grade
Meet selected dates with Ruth Johnson in preparation for first communion, which will take place during the Maundy Thursday service.  Before the Maundy Thursday service the student and family attend a "Passover" or Seder Meal led by Pastor to highlight the history, connection, and application between the Old and New Testaments.  During this time, Pastor speaks to the students and families about how one should properly prepare themselves for communion.
During and outside of Sunday school, the fifth graders learn how to actively engage and participate in worship through the completion of 15 Service Reports.
Sixth Grade
In the fall, the students work with their parents/guardians going over four sessions introducing them to the life of Martin Luther, Reformation church history, and applying this knowledge to their own daily Christian walk.
In the winter through the summer, the curriculum continues with a walk through the pamphlet, "I Love to Live the Story," A Guide to Understanding & Celebrating the Christian Church Year.  This study provides an in-depth examination of Lutheran worship.
Children and parents, using a structured format on-line provided by Pastor, grow through study and family activities in these two subject areas throughout the sixth grade year.  Students continue to work on actively participating in worship through the completion of an additional 15 Service Reports.
Twice a year, parents, students and Pastor meet to receive feedback.
Seventh - Eighth Grade
Meet 12 times a year for classes with Pastor to go over the six main parts of Christian teaching as drawn out from Luther's Small Catechism.  Students are to complete a workbook assignment for each assigned class date to either introduce the topic or reinforce the subject matter (with the aid of parents/guardians).
*Memory work will be assigned for each year (5-8) of confirmation.
End of Eighth Grade Year
In the first half of May, confirmands participate in a "Confession of Faith Questions and Answers Day" during the Bible Study hour.  On the same day, there will be a celebration brunch where they are introduced to how they can serve as a communicant member of the church.
In the second half of May, a special Confirmation Service will take place on Sunday, where each confirmand will share a testimony of baptismal faith.  At this time, they will receive the rite of confirmation (vows, confirmation verse, laying on of hands, stole, etc.).