The Lutheran Church of Vestavia Hills
Saturday, April 20, 2019

6th Grade


Meeting Dates

Date                                                      Time                                                                      Event

Sunday, December 5                      after late service (11:45 AM)                       Review Luther Booklet 

Sunday, January 16                        after late service (11:45 AM)   

Sunday, April 3                              after late service (11:45 AM)                       Review “I Love to Live the Story”


On-line Dates

As the year goes on Pastor will email your assignment. He will notify parents/students when the assignment should be completed. Review questions for each section are posted below.

-Martin Luther booklet will be completed by our meeting on December 5.

Session I - A Boy Wonders About God

- I Love to Live the Story booklet will be completed by our meeting on April 3.

-15 Service Reports Completed by April 3.